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Once ECRL has been contacted for product and service information and a quotation is requested, there are six straightforward steps to full solar PV installation:

Step 1. Site Visit

  • Discuss customer requirements
  • Obtain details of building
  • Conduct shade analysis, if necessary
  • Obtain copy of electricity bill

Step 2. ECRL prepares quotation and meets with customer to discuss proposal

Step 3. Upon agreement, finalized design and electrical single line diagram

Step 4. Prepare and present Installation Agreement

Step 5. Customer signs Installation Agreement and pays a deposit

Step 6. Installation completed in the agreed timeframe

Following installation, inspection takes place with the Government Electrical Engineer Department (GEED) and with Barbados Light & Power (BL&P). Once the customer has supplied evidence of public liability insurance and signed BL&P power purchase and interconnection agreements, BL&P installs meter and billing as renewable energy customer commences. ECRL will inspect the PV system annually under an ongoing maintenance agreement.

Cost Information

Costs vary per project and are based on the following:

  • Grid Tied
  • Prices of panels, racking, roof mounting, inverters, cable, conduit, meter socket base, safety switch, labour to install equipment
  • Size of solar installation

ECRL offers free consultations to provide more detailed cost information. Request a free consultation.