Operations & Maintenance

The performance of renewable energy (RE) systems over their lifecycle matters a great deal to investors.

Why? RE projects have high capital outlays, systems need to be reliable in order to meet energy needs, and the earnings from feed-in-tariffs are sensitive to the level of system performance. This means that the performance of a renewable energy system has an impact on the ability of the project to recover costs and create a sustainable energy future for investors.

At Emera Caribbean Renewables we are keenly aware of the importance of the operation and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy systems in order to ensure optimal performance. Through our ongoing maintenance of the region’s first utility-scale solar facility, the 10MW St. Lucy Energy Gateway utility plant in Barbados, we have amassed experience in solar PV system maintenance which is unmatched by our local competitors. We have used this experience to develop and offer a first-rate suite of O&M services for utility scale and distributed solar PV systems.

Our highly competent team is able to assess the O&M requirements for each individual client and design a customized program ranging from basic maintenance to dedicated system performance monitoring, and the replacement of faulty components under supplier warranty. In addition, our experience with O&M has allowed us to develop approaches that are attuned to the sensitivities of system components, thereby avoiding costly damages in the course of maintenance. Through these O&M services we can prevent performance deficiencies, provide rapid response to system faults as they emerge, and ensure the safety of our clients and their investments.