Planning Services

The implementation of a renewable energy project is dependent on thorough financial analysis and planning, project planning, the acquisition of required permissions and confirmation of the technical feasibility of the project. Emera Caribbean Renewables undertakes preliminary work - or design estimates - to ensure that investors/project developers are sufficiently informed on production possibilities and given enough confidence in the viability of the project.

At Emera Caribbean Renewables, we know that details matter a great deal to investor confidence and overall project success. With this in mind, we work with highly skilled trusted partners and leverage our own capabilities to provide a range of services for our clients, namely:

  • Life-cycle project development inclusive of project management services
  • Energy production forecasts, system design and after-sales support such as operations and maintenance
  • Project financial analysis and feasibility studies
  • Renewable energy license application submissions
  • Partnerships with planning consultants for planning application submissions, scoping studies, and environmental assessment studies